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   Alex Martínez Pérez
   Sacha Hilton

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You're always stealing
a little love from me.


* LCD soundsystem - give it up
1.12.09 17:42

don't waste your life,
just go outside.

(chateau chantilly.)

*maximo park - signal & sign
26.10.09 18:40

now is your time to shine.
dance & hear your song.

(paris. sacré coeur.)

*the libertines - don't be shy
12.10.09 21:49

you said you wasn't sad
to see her go.
of course you were.

(barcelona. las ramblas.)

*arctic monkeys - bigger boys & stolen sweethearts
5.9.09 14:40

Wir beobachten die Welt
bei ihrem Auftritt.

(barcelona. las ramblas.)

* juniregen
19.8.09 00:27

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